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Your science and technology writing, simplified

Stick helps science and technology businesses simply explain their products and services. We persuasively demonstrate the value of key ideas, components and enhancements to science and tech companies’ prospective clients.

Stick differs from most public relations or writing service businesses.

This is because explaining science, technology, processes and engineering can be a headache.

But, if telling your customers what you do and how you do it is a key component of your business, these stories need to be told simply, without being dumbed down.

science, technology writing expertise

Being good at ‘English’ and writing in general doesn’t cut it when there’s a degree of underlying complexity which needs describing and illustrating.

If a writer has poor knowledge of the chemistry, physics and biology that underpins your product or service, it is unlikely they can be ‘on-message’ for your message.

Stick (science, technology, innovation and commercialisation knowledge) understands the nuts and bolts of how things work.

science and technology writing

We write to the science and technical comprehension of your intended audience.

We create purposeful (and sometimes playful) information to persuade, educate and clarify.

We reinforce all your marketing initiatives with messages that matter.

We write for the web, for proposals, presentations and technical documents. We also collaborate with others to make videos – another vehicle to simply tell your story.

So check out some of Stick’s blog posts for a flavour of the subjects we’re capable of explaining. From poles with a hole to apps, science provider brokering to open source programming, we cover many bases.

Give us a yell if you have a science, technology, process or engineering message you’d like penned.

We understand.

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