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Getting your story right – sticK as a consultancy – a writer for hire

Whatever your business, it’s your story that counts.


Because what you say about yourself, and how you say it, is the glue that holds it all together.

For those inside the business, this story – the simpler the better – is one of the core components people engage with.

For those outside the business; customers, partners and the public; your story (and more importantly the parts they can remember) is how they tell others about you.

If your story is too complicated, too obscure, too similar – guess what… doesn’t get told.

My job, as a simplifier, is to apply storytelling intelligence and target the right audience with the appropriate message.

That’s also why I’m so keen on the two word description and the one-page explanation (see separate page).

It’s as simple as that!

It  is also something I bring to the table as a writer for hire – give me a yell.


sticK is run by Peter Kerr. As a writer for hire, especially in the science and tech area, and in making the complicated more simple, I’m happy to yarn – if you’ve got a challenge you’d like a conversation about, it costs nothing.


You can contact him at:

Bat phone: +64 21 0696 040

Landline: +64 4 473 0960

Twitter: @sticknz

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